My Father's Knee

A feature-length documentary by Mario Contreras

Mexican White Girl Doesn't Speak Spanish

Interesting look at the challenges we face this summer.

RE: Malkin


I want to start off by saying I didn’t get into journalism to wage Twitter fights. So yesterday when Michelle Malkin went after me (as she has done with so many before me) I decided to sit it out and let her do her thing. Earlier this week, Jose Antonio Vargas and Malkin went back and forth on issues of immigration, and it was astounding to many who saw it, because it was actually civil. It made me profoundly happy to see.

But that immigration-related Twitter exchange was utterly unique in the history of immigration-related Twitter exchanges. I know, just as well as most, that going back and forth in an ugly Twitter fight rarely makes anyone smarter and rarely makes anyone understand issues any better.

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16x20 Ambrotypes. I was fortunate to have two great artists come to DeKalb for a studio visit. Diana Gabriel and Mario Contreras stopped by NIU to take a look at work that I am making for a couple of shows that they have included me in. Thank you Diana and Mario! Take a look at their work, and get to know them!

Ambrotypes of my wife and I by emerging Chicano photographer, Juan Fernandez. His curiosity of experimental photo techniques is inspiring. It was great to feed off his energy as he completes his MFA thesis show at NIU.